PHOTO: Steve Place

I'm a student at Millersville University, working on my 2nd BS in Physics. What's great is that I take only the classes I need for the major, because taking Gen Eds and Freshman seminar again would be really weird. My first BS was in Information Systems from Drexel.

In a prior life, I worked in various tech jobs that took me from the stomping grounds of Central PA, to Philadelphia, then to New York, and San Francisco. Now I'm back, and it's great being close to friends and family again.

Much of my experience comes from working with Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence tools, managing IT Infrastructure, and running Networks in Startups, Financial firms, and Internet companies.

I seek a better understanding of our world through Physics, Computer Science, and Philosophy, to delight in the inquiry and discovery, while always having fun in the adventure.

The journey is the reward.