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James Burke

Science Historian

Connections (1978)

The Day the Universe Changed (1986)

Connections2 (1994)

Connections3 (1997)

Re-Connections (2003)

Dangerous Knowledge (2007)

Cantor, Boltzmann, Gödel, and Turing. David Malone tells the story of four great men working on the edge of math and science, with terrible consequences.

Paul Dirac

Quantum Physicist inspired by mathematical beauty. Richard Feynman's hero.

Florida State University Tribute to Paul Dirac

Freeman Dyson

Physicist and friend of Richard Feynman.

Dyson on Feynman

Living Through Four Revolutions

Paul Erdős

Prolific Hungarian mathematician. He had no home, and no job.

N is a Number: A Portrait of Paul Erdős (1993)

Richard Feynman

Physicist, hero, and very curious character!

The Messenger Lectures, Cornell University (1964)

Take the World from Another Point of View (1972)

The Pleasure of Finding Things Out (1981)

Fun to Imagine (1983)

Tiny Machines (1984)

The Quest for Tannu Tuva (1988)

No Ordinary Genius (1993)

Steve Jobs


The Mechanical Universe...and Beyond (1985)

Classic Physics videos with cutting edge computer animation. Taught by David Goodstein at THE place to study Physics, CalTech.

Alan J. Perlis

Early pioneer of Computer Science.

Epigrams in Programming

Ayn Rand

Philosopher, writer, and champion of the individual.

The Fountainhead (1943)

Atlas Shrugged (1957)

Dennis Ritchie

Creator of C, and co-creator of UNIX. The shoulders Steve Jobs stood on. Perfecting his craft until his death.

Carl Sagan

Thank you, Carl!


Star Trek

Part of what makes me who I am, and always will be.

Edward Tufte

The authority on information presentation.

Alan Turing

Father of modern computing.

The Strange Life and Death of Dr. Turing (1992)

Stephen Wolfram

Physicist, programmer, and founder of Wolfram Research. Creator of Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha

Sixty Symbols

Fantastic Physics videos from the University of Nottingham

Andrew Wiles


Fermat's Last Theorem

Edward Witten

Ed Witten's his name, and Mathematical Physics is his game. Roots for String theory.


United Airlines commercial: A Life by Michaël Dudok de Wit


More stuff worth thinking, and listening.

Ray Dalio talks about principles, and independent thinking.

Ray Dalio's Principles

Regrets of the Dying